Monday, August 29, 2011

Tools :: Blow dryer 101

What you need in a good blow dryer (not much):

1. Nozzle
Go find that nozzle that came with your blow dryer! If you didn't chuck it then congratulations, you're one in a million. The nozzle is important for getting all the air to go in the direction you want. It will help dry your hair faster, smooth your hair more easily and reduce frizz because your hair won't be blowing in a million different directions.

2. Multiple settings including a cool setting
I believe that the key to a good blow dryer is power, power, power. Not everybody's hair is the same and sometimes different styles require less air or heat than you normally use; you want to have a blow dryer that allows you to create every style you want. You need a cool setting because cold air helps "set" your hair, which makes it stay the way you like it (great for big sexy hair).

Pictured above is my all-time favorite blow dryer the Twin Turbo blow dryer. I've used it on countless heads in the 3 years that I've had mine and it's still going strong!


Becca said...

i like the new blog! also, i never knew what the blog dryer nozzle was for! i hope i still have mine. i'm going to check as soon as i get home today. :)

rubi said...

i hope you find it becca, it makes such a difference!

communikate. said...

i love this!! so excited to get more advice since i'm clueless. should do something with hair cuts for certain face shapes. i've always wanted to someone to look at my face and say.. "this is the cut for you!"

Marci Joy said...

Dear Rubi,

I was here.

I like this blog.


kimmy girl said...

RUBI! I love this blog. I am always looking for hair tips. keep it coming!!

Ashley Seil Smith said...

Hooray!!! I love this. I'm going to go buy hairpins. =)

Nadia said...


I love the Blog!


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