Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Backstage :: Anthony Vaccarello S/S '12

I love when the concept of a look for a fashion show is based on a character – it makes everything come together because everyone involved has a story they’re trying to tell.
The character behind the hair for Anthony Vaccarello was a girl who had taken a midnight swim and only had time to put on some amazing lipstick and a really strong pony tail before going out. When doing the test for the show a few days prior and contemplating whether or not to put mascara on the models, everyone agreed that "this girl" wouldn't have had time for mascara. I love that.

For the ponytail, the lead hairstylist Anthony Turner had us mainly use our hands (I don't think I've even touched a brush this season!) with oil and water to make the hair look wet. I wish I could wear my hair in a ponytail like this, but I always feel weird with my hair pulled back. Maybe with a lipstick like MAC Cyber it will work though.

images by Saskia Lawaks for


rooth said...

What a modern do - I love Karlie! said...

Did you take that photo of Karlie? I love that dress. I'm going to wear it to church.


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