Monday, September 5, 2011

Cut it? :: Growing Out Your Man's Hair

I had an email from a reader asking for advice for her husband who is thinking about growing out his hair. His hair is pretty thick and curly and she was wondering what was the best way to grow it - "thinning it? processing it? or just give up on it?"

My advice is to go for it, but he should see a hairstylist every 3 months or so just to maintain it as it grows out. Get his neck cleaned up, and take weight out of it so it doesn't get too bushy, but try not to cut any length off (that defeats the purpose!). When talking to his hairstylist try to avoid using the term "thinning it", which can lead to taking too much weight out and looking stringy.

Don't give up on it but be ready for a few weeks here and there of awkwardness. I think visuals are helpful, so I added three photos of the different stages of the grow out process.

Products play a big part in this too, so come back tomorrow for my favorite products that you can share with your guy!

image 1, 2, 3

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communikate. said...

thanks for this lady. graham ended up cutting his anyhow. his boss gave one too many haircut hints. :)


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