Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The grass is always greener...Thin vs. Thick

I have really thick hair and I love it, but sometimes I see hairstyles that I wish I could have but can't because they wouldn't work with my hair texture. So, here are some things I would do with my hair if it was thin.

I love the way Jenna Lyons' hair is lightly backcombed all over in that photo, my hair would be HUGE if I did that, hers looks like the perfect kind of messy.

I've had a screenshot of the Givenchy f/w 10 campaign saved on my phone for over a year because I really wish I could dye my hair that shade of pink. I think one of the reasons it looks so good on this model though is because her hair is so fine that it looks almost transparent and not clown-ish. Plus, pink hair and red lips, yes please!

Abbey Lee Kershaw is gorgeous and her short hair is my favorite. It's pretty layered and that same haircut would look completely different on thicker hair - not bad but definitely different. I love the way it looks with her hair type. I know some readers with thin hair probably think her hair looks thick in this photo but that is the beauty of hair powder, thickening products and hairspray, never mind the fact that the hair only needs to look this way for the split second the photo is taken.

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LMT said...

I love this photo layout!

Liz Stanley said...

i'm always so bummed about my thin hair but this is giving me some ideas!


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