Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Products for you & him

1. Sachajuan Hair Wax:
A little goes a long way.
Him: Rub a small amount in your hands and use it for short hair to get texture and hold without being sticky, crunchy or shiny.
Her: Rub a bead size amount in your hands and apply it on your ends to add shine and texture. It's great on fine hair as well as thicker hair.

2. Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme:
One of my all-time favorite products.
Him: Matte finish, light to medium hold - depending on how much you use. You know how most guys hair usually looks better when it's a little dirty? This product does that, enough said.
Her: I use it on almost everyone! I blow dry it into the ends of hair (a little bit), put it in towel-dried hair for a natural (not crunchy) curl/wave, and it's amazing for pony tails.

3. Shu Uemura Kengo Feather:
Higher price range and what's a kengo feather?
Him: My husband uses this in his hair everyday, it is a paste with a medium to strong hold. He has shoulder length hair and puts it in while his hair is wet and it gives him hold while not looking like he has any product in it (it does feel like it though).
Her: I steal it from him whenever I want to get calm any stray hairs or right before I braid my hair or pull it back so it it looks a little more polished. If it gets too sticky or hard then I just wet my hands a little, move it a bit, and it loosens it up.

Fun fact: A stylist I assisted once blow-dried Kengo Feather into the roots of Christy Turlington's hair to give her body and it worked like a charm (I wouldn't recommend this unless you've also got mad skills with a round brush).


Nadia said...

Shawn uses the Kengo Feather product thanks to you guys! Thanks for the tips, now I'll be using it too. Loving the blog!

Ashley Seil Smith said...

I've always wondered what Stanton uses on his hair! It's always so in place. Haha. I need some good stuff for Nate. He's so crazy picky. It's funny that guys are so picky about hair products.

Marco Phillipstein said...

I use the Sachajuan Hair wax and I really like how it works. It's true that a little goes a long way. I love the texture and hold of my hair whenever I use it.

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