Friday, September 9, 2011

Tools :: Round Brush

What to look for in a round brush:

1. Boar bristles
Boar bristle brushes are great for smoothing out all hair types - thin, thick, straight, curly or wavy. They can also give you a great wave or curl without damaging your hair like a metal brush can - metal brushes can get so hot!

2. Long bristles that aren't too far apart
I personally prefer brushes with longer bristles because your hair glides through the brush more easily than with short bristles. You want the bristles to be closer together because it will catch more hair in the brush when you run it through your hair. This smooths it more quickly.

Above is my all-time favorite round brush by Spornette, I have one in small, medium, and extra large.


yours truly dear said...

i always feel like this style of brush makes my hair more frizzy/static-y. is that all in my head? or should there be a certain product you should use with it?

rubi said...

Static is dryness so you may be overdrying your hair (the Utah weather probably doesn't help) water or a product with moisture can held. Frizz could be from the way you're using the brush/blow dryer. I've used this brush with the frizziest/curliest hair and no product and have gotten the smoothest finish with no frizz. It could also be the type of brush you have, make sure it's all natural bristles.


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