Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Backstage :: Loewe S/S 12

I found this image here along with a lot of other great backstage photos from this show. It's funny because there are always so many photographers backstage and sometimes it's quite difficult to even find one backstage photo from a show. There are times when 5 photographers are swarming a specific model and then that shot is never to be found. I wish I could take photos backstage too but I'm almost always way too busy with hair to pull out a camera that isn't my phone.

This photo and the others in this set are such great representations of what was going on backstage at Loewe though. As with every show, it's usually a bit of a controlled chaos. It's fun but with all the different characters playing a part in the whole production it can be quite exhausting.

Now that fashion week is over, this blog will return to regular programming :) I have a lot of tutorials in mind and other exciting ideas for it, so stay tuned.


Coco Draws said...

love your blog name! so clever. :)

rubi said...

thank you!


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