Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camping circa 1921

A few years ago I found a young girl’s scrapbook from the 1920s at a thrift store in San Diego. My mom thought it was a little ridiculous that I would buy such a thing but I fell in love with it! Above is a photo from that scrap book of "Marie Caldwell" going camping with her girl scout troop.

First of all, of course the first thing I notice is their adorable short hair, then check out their poses! I don't know what kind of camping you can do in skirts and knee highs but I think I'd like to join in.


Michael and Natalie said...

That photo is in incredible condition! Also, love the posts...Keep them coming :)

Rosemary said...

Wow, I have something similar from my grandma's camping trips when they were young. I wonder if any of those girls in the picture are still alive today.

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Carl Bandry said...

I love these contemporary camping pictures. The fashion and clothing are just wonderful. As things change, there are still things that are similar over the years.
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