Friday, October 7, 2011

Tutorial :: A Bob for a Day

I love having long hair but I feel like I'm a short hair girl at heart and sometimes I like to pretend to have short hair for just a day. So, in case you're like me and aren't ready to commit to short hair yet or like my sister who's constantly asking me for ideas on how to change her hair without cutting it here's a tutorial on how to have a faux bob for a day. Here's what you need:
- large hair pins
- small hair pins 

1. Divide all the hair below your ears.
2. Braid the hair below your ears and pin the braids together so they lay flat against your head. This will create a cushion for you to pin your faux bob onto.
3. Tuck the rest of your hair under and pin it onto the braids.
4. Keep tucking your hair under and pinning onto your braids as you go until it feels secure. Take bigger sections in order to control it better when you're pinning it in place.
Tip: You can make it look more natural by "weaving" a couple of hair pins wherever it is bulky to avoid a rounded shape. See image above for "weaving" example.
5. Pull a few pieces out around your face to give it texture. Layers: This looks great on hair with layers because your layers may just end up laying over the backcombed section and you wont have to pin as much. You also wont have to pull pieces out to make it look natural.  

Fine hair: This also looks great with finer hair. The only differences are that your braided section won't be as big and you won't have to pin as much. It's still important to braid that small section though because you need something to anchor your pins to. You can also backcomb that section instead of braiding it to create that cushion.
 photographer Alpha Smoot for She Lets Her Hair Down
font via Top-Notch Type


LMT said...

how nice to see you! I love this... I'm going to try it today.

communikate. said...

how did you hair get so long? i love it.

and i love it short. this is a win win.

Marci Joy said...

Hi Rubi. I was here. Love that top pic. Super cool.

Maren Leavitt said...

Hey - I hope you don't mind a question from someone you don't know. In the first picture, the "Ready" picture, how did you get your hair to that point? Is that you're natural body, or curls parts, airdry, blowdry?

I have long hair and some natural body, and I haven't quite figure out how to get that messy, un-even body that is so attractive?


>>Love your blog. Found it through Rebecca Smylie, known her for several years and thanks for letting me follow you...

rubi said...

Thanks Maren!

That's my natural wave, I just put some moisturizing product on it when its wet and let it air dry.I also wash it every 3 or so days. Hope this helps!

amanda jane said...

this is such a good idea!

Ashley Seil Smith said...

Haha, I have to say that I loved coming to this page the other day and seeing THREE Rubis! Amazing. And this was a good tutorial. When you hear about fake bobs it doesn't seem like you could really ever do them on yourself, but I think I could do this one. I will try it!

Mara Kofoed said...

Rubi - LOVE this look. I've been doing fake bobs for awhile but they always fall now I know how to do it properly. The teasing will make a huge difference, I am sure. THANKS THANKS!! So excited to try this.

Sofija's World said...

Absolutely love this!!!


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