Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beat the Winter Hair Blues

It's starting to feel like winter may be creeping up on us here in Paris. I always feel like my hair and skin have a 2-week freak out in between seasons. Winter can be an especially hard season on most people’s hair, unless you live in paradise, in which case you should just disregard this post. Here are some tips on how to beat those winter blues:

1. Clarifying shampoo once a week to cleanse a dry flaky scalp.
2. Deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to treat dry ends.
3. Moisturizing shampoo daily to fight dry scalp and ends.
4. Lightweight leave-in conditioner to prevent static.
5. All of these are really lightweight products that help avoid flat hair.

image 1
designed by Becca Clason


amanda jane said...

great tips!

Nadia said...

My hair needs some tlc right now, thank you for the tips! Oh and I miss the Shu Uemura products. I really liked them.

Julie said...

Love this! You and Becca make an amazing team.


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