Friday, November 18, 2011

Cut It? :: Round Face

I recently received the funniest email from a reader asking for suggestions on what she should do to her hair. Here it is, slightly edited:

My super-thick, medium brown hair has been worn for quite some time now in long layers with long, lip-grazing bangs. It’s starting to feel so “Real Housewives.” I’m itching for change, but I’m not sure what to do. My issues:

  1. I’m tall and slender, but I have a round, chipmunk-cheeky face that’s as wide as it is tall. I want a cut that will lengthen or slim my face – or, at least, not call attention to its fleshiness. (Seriously, picture a beefsteak tomato on a toothpick, and you will have a visual of what you’re working with here.)
  1. My hair tends to wave up a good amount when it’s short. Wearing it long has kept it weighed down enough that I don’t have to heat style the kink out of it every single day.
  1. The women in my office and several friends have short hair that’s cropped close to the head in back and angles longer in the front. I hate that haircut and the nine variations of it I see every day.
  1. I detest my hair at shoulder length. For some bizarre-o reason it makes me feel like both a football linebacker and a slight man in a Hanes muscle tank who can’t quite grow a respectable mustache.
  1. I want something a little more current, young and edgy … but I also HAVE to feel girly. No. Check that. Womanly. I have to feel va-va-va-voom womanly.
  1. What else? I’m 31. Don’t like to spend tons of time on my hair, but I will spend some. I’m as comfortable in party dresses and pencil skirts as I am in jeans, down vests, hiking boots and running shoes.

So, what to do?

As you can see, I need help. Probably in so many ways.

Ok, seriously, best email ever. Don't you agree? I mean, I was dying laughing as I read it, I was kind of bummed I couldn't fly to Chicago to cut this readers hair myself because I'm sure it would have been a blast.

Now for my advice, have you ever noticed that Brigitte Bardot has a round face? Yeah, this reader hadn't ever noticed that either. It's because back in the 60's her hair was cut with face framing layers that narrowed it down just right. I suggested she cut bangs and layers around her face just like Brigitte's. As for the length, I suggesting cutting it like Abbey Lee's in the photo below without too much layering so that her waves stay weighed down a bit.

It's still very much "va-va-va-voom womanly" while not feeling "Real Housewives" which the reader later said was just what she wanted and she went heading to the salon, like, NOW.

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rooth said...

Oooh I like. Smart suggestions!

Kersey Campbell said...

Very nice! I'm also a round face..might have to try this.

communikate. said...

hilarious email! brigitte is a bombshell. love that hair cut!

jenny redford said...

Love the bridget look. great post for my round, full face.

Nadia said...

Loved this Post!

Zarin Sews said...

Hey Ruby, your sister told me about your blog and I have to say, its so great! Hope I can get a cut from you when you visit her!

Amanda (Dear Frances) said...

Hilarious! And kind of creepy, because I think this woman may be my identical twin in every way possible. Age, build, hair type, face type, style, time spent on hair - everything. I have had my hair very close to what you suggested for a few years now, minus the bangs - I think it works very well for me. I love the Bridget Bardot bangs, but I have a very small forehead, so bangs are tough.

Great post - so happy to have found your blog via Athology today. :)

Elle Amerie said...

@amanda, If your forehead is small, you can use hair higher up on your head for your bangs.

I have a roundish face that becomes a marshmallow when I gain weight.

kreh mellick. said...

i love this email..i feel like this girl described what i am looking for in a way that i could not!! except my hair is bone straight and i don't benefit form the toothpick bod.
i have always wanted thick baby bangs. is this a no no for the round face? i have always been told to steer clear? truth?

Hillary Manton Lodge said...

Ha! Now I know why I'm drawn to the Bridget Bardot hair. Love it.

And yes, your reader sounds awesome. Yay for women with opinions.


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