Monday, November 21, 2011

Travel Hair

I finally got back from another intensive week studying French in the south of France. It was great, but nothing beats walking into your own apartment after a trip.

I almost always travel with my hair in a crown braid - or as my French host mom called it, a "couronne".
I always feel the need to put my hair up during a flight but a pony tail or bun doesn't let me lean my head back on the seat (does that bug anybody else?). A crown braid solves all these problems and can usually last more than 24 hours which is perfect for nasty delays or layovers. I'm planning a lot of tutorials before the holidays including this one, but until then here's my favorite braid bangs tutorial.


Jenna said...

I've got a long transatlantic flight coming up and I will definitely be rocking the couronne!

My husband and I are moving to France in a few weeks and I'm looking to register for some intense francais courses. Any recommendations?

Merci! J'adore le blog!

jenna at ahbon dot ca

Annabelle said...

I love wearing a French braid but always feel a bit 3rd grade. I'll usually wear a braid around the house then put it in a pony tail when I go out, not very exciting :-( I love how yours feels more sophisticated! I'm going to work on the bangs braid, see how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration on your blog. And hello from a fellow American expat in Paris! Happy Thankgiving!

kat b. said...

i'm a friend of hillary burbanks and i would LOVE to connect with you while you are here, i am working on attending your workshop, my husband is a student and we are trying to make it work somehow!
please look at my blog


rubi said...

Bonjour Annabelle!

I love Hillary! I hope you can make it to the workshop, I'd love to meet you. I've got some great things in store for it. email me if you have any questions!

Nadia said...

Teach us how to braid please :)

Lauren said...

I hate the bun problem!

The Flying Quiche said...

I've reached the same conclusion about travel hair! Although a low ponytail is a pretty good alternative because I've found that if you want to sleep you can sort of lock your head and stop it from drooping by leaning against your ponytail.
I rocked 2 french braid for 8 days when I trekked the himalayas in November (read: no showers or change of clothes...). It worked like a charm!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to read your post about how you do the crown braid. I have curly hair and I think it would help to tame the frizz when I travel.


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