Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tutorial :: Curling Iron Waves

I had a client in New York who had really straight, fine hair. Instead of blowing it out using all the big hair tricks I know only so it would fall flat within minutes, I would curl it like this using minimal amounts of product. She would leave the salon with curls that literally lasted 2 days (anyone with straight, fine hair will tell you that's a big deal).

You can do this style in 4 or 5 sections of hair which means it really shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes.

Here's what you need:
1 - inch curling iron
Light hold hairspray
Dry hair, it doesn't need to be blown out and it also doesn't need to be clean

Step 1: Spray your entire head with hairspray, don't be shy about it because this is what will make your curls hold. If your hair is sticky after spraying it then brush through it with a natural bristle brush and it should be fine.

Step 2: Split your hair into 4 sections. Down the middle and then behind your ears. If your hair is thick then split a little round section in the top of the back of your head making it 5 sections total.

Step 3: Wrap each section around your 1 inch curling iron curl going AWAY from your face. Make sure your curling iron is pointing down with each section. DON'T CLAMP THE IRON. Hold the iron to your hair until your hair is warm to the touch usually only about 30 seconds.

*After curling each section don't touch it, it's important to let your hair cool.

Step 4: If you have the 5th section at the top of your head then curl that one the same way but instead of pointing your iron down you'll hold it horizontally.

Step 5: If you have bangs then you should curl those separately (which I guess will make for a 6th section for some of you). Loosely wrap your bangs around the curling iron pointing it diagonally down (see photo above). You are just trying to add a tiny bit of bend to your bangs not give them ringlets.

Step 6: In order to loosen your bangs a bit, tug on the whole section right after curling it and pull it away from your face while it's still warm.

Step 7: Once all of your sections are completely cool. Tilt your head slightly back and shake your roots to separate the curls. Spray a mist of hairspray and your ready to go!

These curls are meant to look like loose sexy waves. You know, the kind that make people think your hair just always looks that good. It works on fine or thick hair and short or long hair too. Try it on your bob, it'll look great!

Images by Lauren Cooper & the lovely model Susannah.


r's adventures said...

ooh nice, i've used my curling tong to try and achieve a look like this but without much success. must try this weekend!

brigid rose said...


Gwiddle said...

YES. I heard about curling your hair in just a few sections! You are awesome rubi, thanks for sharing. Now i'm going to have beautiful hair. haha P.S. my hair is so long now. It's weird we both have long locks now!

Leslie said...

Hi, Rubi! Love your blog. What curling iron do you use?

rubi said...

Thanks Leslie! I used a 1" hot tools curling iron. They're the best.

tiger in a jar said...

Love this! I am running off to do this to my hair right now.

Hillary said...

i tried it and it works! i've never been able to curl my bangs so they look good!

Karo said...
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