Thursday, December 1, 2011

Curly Haircuts

I love curly hair! Loose curls, tight curls, thick curls, fine curls, spirally ones and waves, I love that they are all so different. My hair has super kinky curls right around my forehead (so fun :/), the rest looks like 1920's finger-waves and the hair at the back of my neck is almost straight! The right haircut and products on my curls gives each of them room to do what they like and still look good though.

I know talking about curly hair can be opening up a huge can of worms so for now we'll just talk about haircut tips for curly hair:
  • -Find a hairstylist who loves curly hair (that's always a good start)
  • -Talk to them about your past haircuts - good and bad - it will help them to know your hair history
  • -Don't be afraid of a razor
  • -Avoid thinning shears
  • -Be open to suggestions
  • -Layers are your friends - interior and exterior layers - give those curls some room to move
  • -Remember, there is no single haircut or hair cutting technique that works on all curly hair

images by lukasz wierzbowski

graphics designed by becca clason


sakinac said...

Hi! I'm curious as to why you say avoid thinning shears. i have super think curly hair and I usually ask my stylist to thin it out for me using them. Is it not a good idea? Do you have a better recommendation for thinning out hair a bit?

Mara Kofoed said...

Ruby has given me some of the best curly haircuts I've ever had (I am tempted to fly to Paris for a cut). She knows her stuff.

From a girl with very thick, curly hair....I can say the interior/exterior layering technique she does makes a HUGE difference.

rubi said...

I recommend using other tools like a razor or just regular scissors for thinning hair because it's more deliberate than using thinning shears. You should ask your stylist to try it next time, see how you like it.

You're so sweet! You should come to Paris for a cut ;)

Angela said...

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