Friday, December 9, 2011

Hair Color :: Honey Blonde

I love Constance Jablonski's haircolor in this photo taken backstage at Chloe S/S '10, Chloe models always have the BEST hair. I would call it "honey blonde," which leads me to talking about the importance of reference photos for hair color. My "honey blonde" is most likely something different from your "honey blonde" and your hairstylist’s “honey blonde” could be something else altogether. Back to Constance though, this would be a great way to color your hair if you're trying to grow out highlights.

image 1

graphics designed by becca clason


Amy said...

It is a beautiful color, especially with her eyes. It looks very different on the runway shots from the same show... much more washed out.

Shelem said...

If my skin color is not tan just fair can this honey blond look good on me? I'd really like to do it, i'm just a mom who is bore of the same hair color... =)

Annabel Worthington said...

I love this color. I have virgin hair thats light brown with natural random highlights all over because I'm in the sun a lot. My hair color is actually quite similar to this but not as rich in color. I think my hair ends up losing depth and dimension in color on the top layer of hair because it gets so light from the sun. I lose that rich and warm light brown color.

If I just wanted to enhance the colors that I already have, say, to a color like this honey blonde- what would I tell my hair stylist to do?

As you said, everyones idea of a honey blonde is different, do you have any pointers on how to get your stylist on the same color wheel as you? Any keywords for the stylist?

Thank you so much for such an inspiring blog!


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