Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Hair Tutorial

I love getting dressed up for holiday parties. A black dress, lipstick, and a pretty collar/accessory is my go-to outfit, especially if I'm not quite sure how dressy I should be.
This hairstyle is perfect for that too, it looks like you did your hair but since it looks best with some natural texture and flyaways, it doesn't look too dressy either. You can hide your bobby pins or let them show, and it also looks good with colored bobby pins like all gold or silver.

1. Start with your natural hair texture, preferably a day dirty (or fake dirty) and spray a light hairspray all over your hair
2. Part your hair down the middle and divide it into two sections.
3. Using a wide-toothed comb, lightly backcomb each section all the way through to your ends. This will make it easier to pin and manipulate your hair.
4. Wrap one section over to the other side of your head so it's hugging your head.
5. Pin it behind your ears by making an X with two bobby pins.
6. Continue wrapping and pinning around the top of your head until you run out of hair.
7. Take your other section and wrap it in the opposite direction pinning every few inches.
8. Pin it over the top of your head overlapping your last section
9. Pin any pieces that are bunching up weird, the key is to maintain a pretty head shape.

Happy Holidays and look out for another holiday hair tutorial soon!

photography by lauren cooper

graphics designed by becca clason


Mara Kofoed said...

Rubi!! This is brilliant. Literally can't wait to try this. (& I LOVE the collar, too.) Raquel was over last night and we were raving about your blog & haircuts. xo

Julie said...

Pretty! I am dying to try this-and I also have a major crush on your outfit (that collar!!)


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