Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cut It? :: Bob

I recently had a reader email me who in the past couple of years has had long hair, a pixie, shoulder length hair with bangs and was once again ready for a change. It was so interesting to see how her face shape changed slightly with every different look. Sometimes I think that when people have had a lot of different haircuts I lean more towards something more classic and I felt like she would look great with a bob.

images: 1) Jodie Kidd by Friedemann Hauss for Elle Germany, August 1995 via malicious glamour 2) Catherine Mcneil by Craig Arend for Ford Models

I love the bobs in the photos above because even though they don't have bangs or a lot of layering, they don't look like a classic perfectly blunt bob either. You can achieve that look by getting your bob cut with a razor or texturizing it with scissors (just make sure your hairdresser doesn't go overboard). The texturizing allows the bob to be worn with a side part, natural part or middle part which is great for someone who gets bored easily. You can also pin the back up to create a fake shorter cut for a day. It's a similar technique as the bob for a day tutorial but I may have to do another tutorial for this look as well.

p.s. both of those maxi dresses please?

graphics designed by becca clason


Marci Joy said...


Wait - I'm trying to grow my hair out! Any suggestions for styling the awkward in between, shoulder length hair?

Kathleen said...

I just bobbed my hair again (but with bangs) and love it. And apparently other people do too - I had three people this week ask who does my hair!

rubi said...


Braids, buns, and curls. Before you know it, the awkward stage will have been long gone!

andrea said...

Thanks for this. I am in the exact same boat. I have had long hair, a pixie (thank to you, Rubi), and shoulder length hair with bangs - in the last few years, but I too want a change. I was thinking of doing bob, but all one length or very few layers. Seeing that you suggested just confirms what I have been thinking. Thanks Rubi.


ps - i miss you doing my hair, but I found this blog a few months ago and I LOVE iT!! i feel like you are still doing my hair from a distance.

pps - my hair is falling out in clumps after the baby. do you have any suggestions?


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