Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Clips and Tissue

images 1, 2

I love using hair clips with tissue paper to keep hair in place while waiting on makeup or wardrobe on jobs. It's such an easy little trick that also works great for finger waves, and Veronica Lake curls. I sometimes use these Lady Mate clips that come with a little pink plastic that doesn't leave a mark but only when I'm sure nobody's sticky fingers are around because they cost a pretty penny. There is something very nostalgic about having tissue clips in your hair, almost like rollers or rag curls. I love the way they look!

graphics designed by becca clason


Nadia said...

So excited you are coming to town this weekend!

wacks said...

i cant wait...keep me posted..
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blueberriblvd said...

Hey Friends,,
These are nice hair clips. I am looking for something like this.Character Hair Clips


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