Monday, January 9, 2012

Sleep On It

Have you ever had your hair done at the salon and liked it almost better the next day? It's almost as if your pillow molds your hair into new waves that look just the right amount of undone.Sometimes a little mist of salt spray, or hair powder are just the kind of pick-me-up your roots and ends need to rock a second day look.

I like my own hair best when I wash it at night, apply all my products in it, and sleep on it. My curls end up coiling up together into smooth waves, any frizz is calmed by 6 hours of being matted down by my pillow and the "Mufasa" mane is just the right amount of "big".

The same went for when I had a pixie, a bowl cut, and a bob. When I had bangs, I would just mist them with a little water at the roots and pat them down with my hands so they still kept that "slept on" movement but any crazy cowlicks would be calmed down. It even worked when my bangs were literally standing straight out of my head.

Does anyone else like their hair better when it's slept on?

p.s. I'm looking for a couple more models for my runway hair styling workshop in Utah this weekend (Jan. 15 - 16). We won't be cutting anybody's hair, just giving you the best blow out, curls and up-do's of your life (you'll want to make plans to show it off that evening). You can commit for one day or both if you'd like. If you have long, fine to medium hair that isn't too curly email me at

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Angie said...

I think that works best for curly hair. My hair is fine, medium thickness and straight with a little wave to it in places, and it looks pretty terrible after sleeping on it. One side will be totally flat to my head with zero volume and the other side usually has a weird link that makes it stick up in one spot. The best option I've found after sleeping on it is a ponytail!

rubi said...

hahaha Angie!

Melissa Sue said...

Have any hair shows/workshops in Minnesota planned?

I love reading your blog!!

rubi said...

Sorry Melissa, I don't have anything in Minnesota planned. So glad you love the blog!

Ramona said...

sleeping on my hair is the best. They have the most natural look the next morning!


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