Monday, January 30, 2012

Spending Time on Your Hair

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One of the first questions I ask my clients when they sit in my chair for a haircut is, "How much time do you spend on your hair in the morning?" Most people sheepishly answer that they spend less than 5 minutes on it. I think they assume everyone else but themselves spends hours on their hair, but that's definitely not the case - I'm shocked when someone says they actually blow dry their hair with a brush! I'm in between the two, but leaning toward the less-than-5-minutes group.

I am however drawn to everyday hairstyles that involve prep time like the photo above. Hairstyles my grandmother used to wear that meant setting hair in curlers and sitting under a hood dryer, or sleeping with a hairnet over a pin curl set. I style hair in a similar way for my editorial work, and don't see why everyone can't wear their hair like models do. I am currently working on tutorials for the blog that involve sets, but simplifying them for the everyday. I'm really quite excited about it!

How much time do you spend on your own hair? Answer in the poll on the right.

UPDATE: See results here.


Anna said...

Nice, I'm always looking for roller sets that work with my long hair. (Vintage ones can end up a little too curly for me.)

My hair is thick and naturally curly/wavy, so I usually just blow dry it with a diffuser and go on with my life. But every week or so, I love using rollers for Veronica Lake hair, or using a big barreled curling iron to make it straighter and bouncy.

abby said...

I totally blow dry my hair with a brush and spend way more than 5 minutes on it but it never looks very good!

I am in love with the hairstyles from The Artist and wish we all wore our hair like that. I hope you'll cover those!

Becca said...

Once I stopped blow-drying and straightening my hair every day or every other day (thank goodness) it significantly cut down on my prep time.

Sarah van Loon said...

Yes, yes, yes! Please! I am a 5-minutes-or-less kind of girl, but I have been recently been experimenting with curling my hair, or even blowdrying it, and I looove how it comes out! I'd be thrilled to see some of your tutorials and ideas!! :)

Anna McClurg said...

i am excited for the tutorials! i don't spend a long time on my hair. sometimes i will blow dry it, but even then i'll let it mostly air dry first. i like to twist my hair when it's very slightly still damp and pin it up in a bun or around my head. it usually looks best by the next day.

Elizabeth said...

Great question!

How much time I spend on my hair depends on my mood, how much time I have in the morning and/or whether or not I've let it go curly - it can be rather wild and Medusa-esque the next morning.

I have fine, shoulder-length hair that is wavy/curly (moreso in the back than around my face), and if I style it for the curl, I can add a little product and let it dry naturally.

If I want it to be straight, then it takes about 10-minutes to blow it dry with a round brush. However, since I moved to Paris in October 2011, I'm not sure if I can or even want to keep up this style. 1) The humidity turns my nice, sleek hair into a wavy pouf in about 30 seconds the minute I step outside. 2) I feel noticeably out-of-place, since most French women don't seem to have the same look.

Sigh...I'm constantly in search of the best length and cut...that doesn't require lots of time or product.


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