Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding hair

I love doing wedding hair - I've been lucky enough to work with amazing brides, and my friend Sarah was no exception. When doing hair for a big event, most of my time is spent preparing the hair for the actual style. In this case, I blow dried mousse, salt water spray and root lift into her hair and then sprayed it all with my favorite hairspray, Elnett, prior to curling it. The actual pinning up and creating finger-waves didn't take much time at all, but the prep work before that is what ensured the look would last all day.

photographer Scott Jarvie

graphics designed by Becca Clason


Nadia said...

I love this post! Sarah looked beautiful from head (thanks to you)- to toe (with those pink heels).

Sarah Hodge said...

Rubi. You are so talented! You did an incredible job. And this did last All day which was great for pictures and dancing ;) so thank you!


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