Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Note on Rag Doll Curls

I posted a while back about how I am inspired by the way women used to regularly style their hair in curlers and sit under a hood dryer.The rag curl tutorial was the first of many tutorials that go in that direction.

Rag curls are usually done on wet hair and slept on or dried under a hood dryer. This was a simplified version using the same techniques but not taking nearly as long. Rag curls or “rag doll curls” as some of my friends call them are great for anyone who doesn't want to damage their hair with regular heat styling. I've gotten a few emails from people who have styled their hair in rag curls after watching the video tutorial and they look amazing!

Are there any other similar hairstyles you'd like to see tutorials of?

video stills from tiger in a jar


Sarah said...

I loved your recent tutorial. As a curly girl I'd love to see some tutorials for curly hair. Easy updos that don't require a lot of flat ironing or any for that matter would be lovely.

Kristen said...

I'd also like some ideas for people with short hair!

laragazzaconlavaligia said...

I'd love to see more tutorials on to make pretty curls without heat, but as long as done in collaboration with amazing Tiger in a Jar, I'd love to see no matter what tutorial :D


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