Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backstage :: Paul & Joe F/W '12

This is my last post on the Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Shows I worked on. Paul and Joe was the second-to-last day of Paris Fashion Week. Everyone is usually getting ready to check out - you know like the day before the last day of school? When you're finally allowing yourself to think about the fact that it will be over soon? This usually means people are tired but excited to finish off the season strong so it's still quite abuzz with energy. Plus, everyone is friends with everyone else by now so you see friendly faces at all the shows.

The hair at Paul & Joe, as with many shows this season, was fairly simple: deep middle part, scrunched and messy with a bit of backcombing right at the crown of the head. It was supposed to look imperfect, and as many of you might know, imperfect is sometimes just as hard to do as perfect. Have you ever tried to do a "messy bun," but it really just looks "messy"? Either way, this was no double french twist but every look, no matter how complicated it may be, always takes a good eye and skills to put together. Anthony Turner was the lead hairstylist and I loved the whole look. Sometimes it's nice to see something on the runway that can be completely recreated in the everyday.

Becca and I thought the color palette matched the beautiful artwork by  Liza Sylvestre. Don't you?

images 1, 2,
paintings by liza sylvestre
 graphics designed by becca clason

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Ronida said...

This is so pleasing in the eyes!


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