Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspiration :: An Extra Day

I came across An Extra Day a few days ago when Vic guest posted about it on Miss Moss. I absolutely fell in love with the whole thing along with her other projects. An Extra Day is more of a raw version of street photography to me, and I am completely drawn to these kinds of projects.

Vic took Feb. 29th (the "extra day" we got this year) and photographed 24 strangers in London, developed the photos and created a website with a few interesting facts about them, all within the extra 24 hours we got that day. I think it's both genius and beautiful and am totally inspired by the individuality of each person she photographed for many reasons, including their hair. Below are some of the women she met whose hair I fell in love with.

p.s. have you seen David Lynch's: The Interview Project? It's similar to this and I HIGHLY recommend it.

photography by victoria hannan
graphics designed by becca clason

1 comment:

rebecca said...

what a fantastic idea. also, love your bloggy blog.


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