Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspiration :: War Time Hair Cut

I was out-of-town for work all of last week and when I came home on Friday, my husband's hair had suddenly grown way too long. Isn't it crazy how guys' hair does that? I always end up cutting his hair in our kitchen after midnight on a whim because I put it off to the last minute. He's actually one of my worst clients! He has an opinion about everything so if I cut his hair late at night, he's usually too tired to have an opinion and I can just do whatever I want.

I found this photo on my friend Elysse's geneology blog, it's one of my favorite new blogs. If you like old photos and stories from the past, you should definitely check it out.


tiger in a jar said...

loving the idea of a midnight haircut-that is something I would like to peek into a window and see late at night. (a non-creepy peek of course!)

Becca said...

I like Julie's comment about a non-creepy peek. Haha.

It's funny, Josh is my worst graphic design/lettering client too for the same reason!


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