Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glitter Top Bun

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I'm obsessed with golden birthdays (when you turn the age of the date your birthday is on). For example, my golden birthday was when I turned 12 because my birthday is on Nov. 12th. I wish I could have another golden birthday because I would make everybody dress up in gold and make gold wigs for people and put gold glitter in everyone's hair like in this photo from The Blonds F/W '11 runway show. If anyone throws a golden birthday party like this, you better invite me, I'll bring the hair pieces!

Say you just want to add a little bit of gold glitter to a top bun for your next girls night out - here's how to do it at two different price points.

Oribe Gold Pomade
: Dab this directly onto you hair (it also looks great on skin) and you're set. You can layer it on to make it more golden too - just make sure to use it directly after taking some from the pot. If you rub your hands together before applying to your hair you'll just end up with glittery hands and none left for your hair.

Glitter & Gel: Apply gel to your hair with a small paint brush and while still wet, apply glitter to your gelled hair still using the paint brush. You can mix a little bit of gel with glitter to create glitter gel but I would recommend layering it on, gel, glitter, gel, glitter so it doesn't get too gummy. Using a paint brush to apply it will ensure that you have control over where the glitter goes and will make the whole thing less messy.

graphics designed by Becca Clason


abbyfp said...

Oh, man. This would be an utter nightmare to get out.

rubi said...

Actually Abby, just a couple of good scrubs with a soapy shampoo would get it out. It's just hair pomade and gel really. The glitter would be about the same as having sand in your hair from swimming in the beach.

ktb said...

I LOVE that idea!!

Elisse Newey said...

too freaking cool. And I seriously wish I was born on the 26th of the month instead of the 9th. What 9 year old truly appreciates the golden birthday?

kesh and tim's house on a hill said...

I am 25 on the 25th of July this year. I might just have to do this. It's meant to be.

Christian Branch said...

This is such an amazing idea! I shared the awesome image here: http://www.socialbliss.com/christian/glitter-GEZTKOBS/spot-GYYTQMJX

and I think you should take a look :D


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