Monday, April 30, 2012

The Rainbow Beneath Your Natural Hair Color

Did you know that everybody's hair has underlying pigments beneath their natural color? When you lighten it, those underlying pigments are exposed. If you lighten your hair to a light brown, it doesn't usually lighten to a perfect light brown. Instead you get an orange-y shade of brown because the underlying pigment of light brown is orange. Blondes all have an underlying pigment of yellow and the lighter your blonde gets the less yellow it is.

When you bleach or lighten hair, you can actually watch it turn from brown to red-ish brown, orange, yellow and eventually white (if you go that far). Some peoples' hair is naturally warmer or cooler than others' so it can lighten at any range of the chart above. Red heads are naturally on the right end of the the chart above.

Although I'm not a colorist I find hair color fascinating and will be posting about it all week. Hope you enjoy it.

graphics designed by Becca Clason

1 comment:

Marci Joy said...

Hi Rubi - color theory is fascinating. I had no idea.



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