Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Color Week :: My Hair Is Too Yellow

Have you ever seen older women with purple hair? They usually have purple hair because a good way to make grey hair that beautiful silvery shade is by using shampoo and conditioner that has purple tones in it.

When you look at a color wheel, purple is exactly across from yellow, which means they are complementary colors. If you mix them, they cancel each other out and create a neutral tone which is why your hairdresser will sometimes suggest using a purple conditioner to maintain your blonde hair.

It's important to remember that even though purple cancels out yellow tones, hair needs to be at the level of blonde where purple will be its complementary color. For example, if you have dark blonde hair and you want it to be platinum, adding purple to it won't suddenly do the trick. You'll need to lighten it a few more shades until it is at the level where purple is its complementary color.

Below is what purple conditioner will do to different shades of blonde:

Dark blonde hair: purple will make it a neutral cool blonde.
Light blonde hair: purple will make it a white or platinum blonde.
White or platinum blonde hair: purple will make it grey or purple (like a unicorn!)

Below are a few of my favorite purple conditioners:
Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner
Bumble & Bumble Cool Blondes Color Support
Shimmer Lights Blonde & Silver Conditioner

graphics designed by Becca Clason

1 comment:

FrenchLacing said...

Amen! People do not understand this at all, same as your last post with the undertones, it's so frustrating!! However, we only have hairstylists to blame for this, our industry needs to educate our guests, especially blondes!!

and... I <3 Davines Alchemic line!!! (I'm a blonde, natural level 7 and I use the golden in summer months)


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