Thursday, May 17, 2012

Creating With Your Hands

The last part of our India trip was spent in the town of Darjeeling. We went to the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center while there, which was another highlight of the trip. It was so inspiring to see artisans creating beautiful things from beginning to end, all by hand. They had a space for hand spinning yarn from wool, two rooms with looms for rug making and fabric weaving, another space full of hand dyed yarn and several sewing, painting and carpentry rooms.

Everything made at the Self Help Center was made by craftsmen using Tibetan designs and techniques that have been passed down for generations. I love things that can't be taught in a book, things that you have to learn from another person who is a master at it. Being an apprentice to someone and developing a skill with the help of others is so beautiful. Of course there are self-taught artists of all kinds which I respect as well, but learning something that has been passed down from one craftsman to another is really exciting to me.

If you'd like to learn more about the center, click here.

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Mrunmayee said...

Wow! I am new here, dropped here from The House That Lars Built.
And I am loving these photos of India. I am an Indian and it is really interesting how much people from outside are interested in knowing about. I mean, I have visited all those places as an Indian tourist, but all Indian tourists do is enjoy, spend their time in the hills and come back, we hardly know how people work there or any interesting details like you mentioned. Kudos to you! I am visiting Kashmir this summer and will try and observe more about the people.

Lots of love
- Mrunmayee


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