Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fine Hair :: Don't Over Do It

Anyone with fine hair has encountered a time like this: you spend a good amount of time blowing out your hair trying to put volume in it - using a curling iron or hot rollers, hairspray, the whole sha-bang, only to have it all lay completely flat and limp the second you finish styling it (or if you're lucky, 30 minutes later).

Here's the thing - fine hair is very stubborn and doesn't like to let you over do it. It's almost like if your hair notices you're trying really hard to get some volume or curl and it decides to laugh at you and be extra straight and flat just to frustrate you.

Here are some of the main reasons why fine hair will lay flat after you've spent an hour styling it.

1. Using too much product. Have you ever blown out your hair with absolutely no product in it? Sometimes that works even better than using insane amounts of root lift that will end up weighing down your hair instead. Usually just picking one product is best though. My choice would be a light salt spray on your roots.

2. Over drying it. When you dry your hair to the point where it starts to static a bit then you've gone too far. It's done then and won't do anything but stick straight up or completely flat. You need to wet it a bit and start over.

3. Tugging too hard with a brush. If you use too much tension with your brush or a brush that has too many bristles or bristles that are too short, it ends up pulling on your hair too much which makes your hair lose its elasticity. Not only will this end up causing breakage, but it means that it's been accidentally pulled straight and now won't hold any type of curl no matter how much heat or hair spray you use. You have to wet it again and start over to get the elasticity back.

The key with fine hair is to not over do it. Don't pull too hard, don't over dry it, and don't use too much product.

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Samarkand said...

I never use a blowdryer, just use a serum in the ends and a dry shampoo on the days I don't wash it. Worked a lot better than a blowdryer and lots of volume products.

Kylie Burrowes said...

I love your blog & your style. Do you recommend any hairstylists in Chicago? Or, are you coming to Chicago anytime soon ;)

Mangomo said...

This is SO helpful - I've been guilty of all three. What kind of brush would you recommend for blow drying that won't pull on your hair too much?
Thanks in advance!

rubi said...

I'm sorry I don't know any hairstylists in Chicago. This guide might help you find a hairstylist though. Or email me if you're ever in Paris!

I love using Spornette brushes, they don't pull on your hair at all. See my post on them a here. :)

Em said...

I would love it if you would post some inspiration/ways to deal best with fine but thick hair -- all of my pieces are very very fine, but there is just so much of it that it can become a pain to style! It's funny actually, every time I go to the salon, the person cutting my hair amusingly complains that they have never cut so much hair in their entire career.
Thank you so much for all of your helpful and comical posts! Keep them coming
xoxo Em


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