Friday, May 4, 2012


Stanton and I are headed to India today! We got some great tips from this great website and the lovely Lisa from Archives Vintage. I'll keep checking in next week but until then, have a good weekend!

Also, I was featured on Tifamade's "From Where I Bike" series this week and I'm not sure if I ever posted this but Stanton and I were also on Amanda Jane Jones' "My Better Half" series a while back. I'm so happy to know both of these inspiring women and was flattered to be featured on their blogs. Thanks again ladies!

image 1


Julie H said...

Ooh I need a full bike portrait. I want to see what you look like. Tell us about how to fix our hair after wearing a bike helmet.

Katie Chandler said...

Lucky! I've always wanted to go to India.

Nadia said...

Have Fun !!! Can't wait to hear all about this experience.


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