Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long Weekend Hair in Berlin

I went to Berlin this weekend to attend The Hive. It was so much fun to hang out with so many new friends. I fell in love with Berlin and seriously contemplated how I could make a move over there possible.
I shared a loft (booked through Roomorama) with Anne and Brittany – it was so amazing that we all wanted to move in the second we walked in. I love staying in hotels but nothing beats having an apartment to go home to when traveling.
I only brought one carry-on suitcase with me and a limited amount of beauty products because of the liquid restrictions. My long weekend hair kit actually consists only of bobby pins. This forces me to pack light and get creative with my hair. I usually follow this schedule:
1. Night before traveling: Wash hair
2. Day 1: Wear it down
3. Day 2: Wear it down again or if it's that perfect kind of dirty then put it up in a braid
It's foolproof, you should try it because packing light just means there's more room for shopping!
This is a post sponsored by Roomorama and the content was written by me.


Becca said...

So fun. I really want to go to Berlin.

WSAKE said...

so nice to have met you i berlin! you´re blog is really amazing - i got already lots and lots of inspiration for my oh so boring hair... said...

you look so beautiful! glad you had a great trip. miss you :)

tiger in a jar said...

Berlin! How cool.

I love these hair tips! I am getting ready for a trip that is 16 day long, got any tips for that? ;) No but srsly, I am a little worried that my hair is gonna be wild. eep.

ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

It was so lovely to meet you and I hope we can get together again soon- maybe with Cleo and Hazel? :)
That loft was incredible- the light inside was gorgeous too and you captured the place beautifully! said...

This is super cute! I hope it was a blast!


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