Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tutorial :: 1960s French Twist with Flowers

I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you today. It was the look I taught at my first Wanderlust workshop and it looked so lovely on all of the students. I had students with kinky curls, a few long bobs, some long thick hair and fine hair and even some severe cowlicks were thrown in the mix. I loved that because it proved that you can do just about anything with all hair textures.

Another big reason why I'm excited to share this tutorial is because a lot of great people came together to put these workshops and tutorials together. One was the amazing illustrator Samantha Hahn who created beautiful how-to's for all of my Wanderlust workshops. The others were Rusk Products and Babyliss Pro tools which have provided me and Wanderlust with the products and tools necessary for all of our workshops. I couldn't be more thrilled about it. The Savoir Faire group and entire Wanderlust team has been so great to work with. If you're in Paris you should really drop by sometime, they have such fun things in store this summer.

We added summer flowers to our French Twists to make them a little less "proper", they added a nice summery touch and I'd highly recommend it. I bought our flowers for such a great price at Le Marché des Enfants Rouge (I think that's my favorite flower shop in Paris).

Here's what you need-
- root lift
- blow dryer
- flat boar bristle brush
- two bobby pins
- a lot of hair pins

Prep your hair with Rusk Blofoam in order to give it that "perfectly dirty" texture that is needed for hairstyles, especially ones like this. Blofoam is a root lift that is meant to be sprayed on your roots for volume, but for this look I would actually spray it liberally from roots to ends. At the workshop, most students were skeptical of the amount of product I told them to use, but in the end, the chignons that looked the best were the ones that had the most product in them. With this style, product is your best friend - your hair will be easier to mold and manage if it has the right foundation and will hold pins longer. That’s how you make sure your chignon lasts as long as you'd like it to.

Once you've sprayed this all over your hair, blow dry it in using just your fingers to comb it toward the back of your head. That is where your chignon will be, and you want to get your hair used to going in that direction.

1. Backcomb all of your hair. This will build texture and volume in your hair, which will make your chignon easier to wrap up and pin. Don't be afraid of backcombing everything.

To backcomb your hair with a flat, boar bristle brush, divide it into three sections. One is a U-shape section at the top of your head, and the rest of your hair will be split down the middle and separated into the other two. Backcomb mostly at the roots and continue through your ends. Click here to learn how to properly backcomb hair.

2. Lightly brush the surface of your hair, around your hairline and pin the top section back by making an "x" with two bobby pins.

3. Grab the right section of hair and include half of the hair you just pinned back from the top and twist downwards to create your "French Twist". Twist your hair and tuck it all inside itself, similar to how a victory roll is twisted. You can certainly use a chop stick to make it easier.

Once everything is twisted where you'd like it, start pinning away! Begin at the bottom of the twist and add pins consecutively until you reach the top. Make sure to hide your pins like this.

4. Repeat on the other side and pin, pin, pin!

*see more Wanderlust photos on She Lets Her Hair Down facebook page

Photos by David McDonald
Illustrations by Samantha Hahn
Thank you to Rusk and Babyliss Pro for providing products and tools


Lost In Cheeseland said...

So great! Hope to catch the next workshop (and learn a few things!)

Kristen said...

I LOVE IT! I wish I were there!!

Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel said...

yes yes yes! i love this whole look and the flowers are so whimsical!

Shared over on the ole' blog today!


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