Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anti-Humidity Hair Products

Summer keeps coming and going here in Paris but it looks like it's in full swing in other parts of the world. I am so jealous of all of your beach photos on instagram and facebook guys! On those couple of days when the heat and the humidity do finally kick in, here are the products that can help keep my hair and yours in tip-top shape:

Thick Hair:
Kérastase Oleo-Relax Slim.
This leave-in treatment has seriously changed my life during the summer. Summer usually meant braids and buns which is so much fun but now I can put this in it and have the option to wear it down without being afraid of looking like Mufasa. It controls all my frizz even on the most humid of days. I apply about a quarter-sized amount on towel-dried hair sometimes adding a little bit of jojoba oil to my ends as well. It is an oil-based product so how much you need depends on your hair type. My hair is thick, long, and curly so I use quite a bit, but someone with thick short hair might only need a dime-size amount.

Thin Hair:
Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream.
I think that fine hair should avoid heavy silicones and oils for fighting frizz because while the hair might be frizz-free, it will also be weighed down and greasy. This product can be applied on wet hair and left to air dry, which I think is great for summer because who wants to blow dry their hair when it's so hot outside anyways? I like cream-based products like this one because they can be really worked into the hair with your hands.

image 1
graphics designed by Becca Clason


Lynn said...

Can you clarify one thing? When you say thick/thin, are you referring to the amount of hair or the thickness of each strand? The image says Thick vs Thin but the text portion says Thick vs Fine. I have a lot of hair, but people tell me it's fine when they touch it. So would I be better off with the Living Proof? I am in a constant battle against frizz :)

Zombie Lace said...

I am definitely in need of something like this. I appreciate the reviews and tips!!

rubi said...


I think that with your hair you could possibly use both. It depends on whether you consider your own hair thick or thin. Also, if you think that your hair tends to get oily quickly then I would probably use the Living Proof instead of the Oleo Relax.

Georgie said...

Do you put the Oleo Relax Slim on instead of conditionner?

rubi said...


I use Oleo Relax Slim in addition to conditioner.


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