Friday, August 3, 2012

Haircut for Long, Stick-Straight Hair

This haircut is for anyone with long, stick-straight hair, because it's cut to look good while doing exactly what stick-straight hair does best - just lay there. It looks so good without bangs or face-framing - all you need are some layers starting below your collarbone. You do need to have pretty long hair if you are going to start your layers so low though. Otherwise, the bottom of your hair can look stringy. So if any of you have hair that almost reaches your bum and you're looking for a bit of a change, then take this photo to your hairstylist.

image via Pennyweight'spinterest - original source not found
graphics designed by Becca Clason


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

When you have fine hair, that line between layered and stringy is so thin... I love this look! Her color is pretty, too.

Hillary said...

thanks for that!

A said...

Thanks for sharing this idea!
I've always been blessed (or cursed depending on your view of hair) with thin straight hair. Since I absolutely love having long hair and feeling like a mermaid, I don't really cut my hair that often.
The bad part is that I feel like a mop with long stringy hair just laying there like blehhh.

The next time I get my hair cut, I'll definitely take this picture in! But I may need to wait until my hair is a little longer...
This girl looks absolutely perfect...gorgeous hair, lovely color, and those freckles!

Have an amazing weekend Rubi (and anyone else who sees this)! :D

The Ace of Hearts

Lesshalynn said...

This is beautiful. I am getting this haircut tomorrow. Do you think having the ombre makes this look work better? I'm not sure my hair could handle having that done, but I think this is a beautiful cut.

AudreyJude said...

Model's name is Lindsay. Photo is possibly taken by Bethany Olson.


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