Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tutorial :: Marie-Antoinette Revisitee

A few weeks ago, I celebrated part of "14 Juillet" or as we Americans like to call it "Bastille Day" at Wanderlust teaching ladies how to style their hair in a modern Marie Antoinette up-do. French women don't usually over style their hair so this was more like what Marie Antoinette would wear her hair like if she were a hip Parisian living in 2012. This tutorial has volume (it is Marie Antoinette after all), but it's also slightly messy, wavy, and has a bit of the "je ne sais quoi" that French women do so well.

Here is what you need:
- hair spray
- 1 inch curling iron (we used Babyliss Pro curling irons)
- hair bungee
- a handful of hair pins

1. Separate a large mohawk section on the top of your head and spray it with hairspray. We used Rusk W8less hairspray. Then separate the mohawk section into two or three mini sections and curl those mini sections going back and away from your face. After curling them, don't touch them at all and just let them cool.

2. Gather all of your hair (except the section you curled in step 1) and put them up in a high ponytail with an elastic bungee.* The ponytail should sit on the back of the top of your head, right behind your curled sections of hair.

*How to use an elastic bungee: hook one end onto your hair then tightly wrap the elastic around your ponytail until it feels secure. Hook the other end onto the elastic (NOT your hair). If you can, hook the original hook onto the elastic as well.

3. Wrap your ponytail into a bun and pin it in place (see here for bun instructions). Be sure to hide your pins!

4. This is the freestyle part! Place your curled sections of hair going back and over your bun in any way you'd like. You know your face and what you think looks best on you better than most people do, so style it is as big, loose, or tight as you want. If you have bangs or like to have hair around your face you can pin the first section so it swoops across your face and then back. Like I did in this tutorial.

Illustrations by Samantha Hahn
Thank you to Rusk and Babyliss Pro for providing products and tools


Robyn said...

Beautiful! I am excited to try this. My question is why an elastic bungee? Is it more secure? I've never used one before.

Angela said...

I really love updo hairstyles, its my regular hairstyle, I use any easy hair updos when I stay at home.thanks, love your blog too.

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