Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tutorial :: Mini Crown Braid

This mini crown braid tutorial is quite simple and easiest to do on medium to long hair. If you are trying to grow your hair out, I bet you'll realize how long your hair really is after braiding it like this. If you have short hair then you may not be able to wrap your braids all the way around your head but it'll still work.

Here's what you need:
- bobby pins
- hair spray or dry shampoo (optional)
- elastic hair bands (optional)

As always, it's best to have slightly dirty hair so your braids stay in place and so you can easily attach pins into your hair. Here are some products you can use to give your hair that "dirty hair" texture.

1. Start with a small triangle section on one side of your middle part.

2. Split that small section into three smaller sections.

3. Start a normal three strand braid by taking the section that is closest to your middle part and bringing it under the middle section making it now the middle section. Now take the section closest to your forehead and bring it under the middle section.

4. You're now going to add hair to your three strand braid by taking a long section from your middle part to where your braid is laying. Add that hair into the section that is closest to your middle part.

5. Now take that whole section under the middle one making it the new middle. Next, take the section closest to your forehead and bring it under the middle section (you're not adding hair on this side). Now you will repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the end of your middle part (about 3 times).

6. After reaching the end of your middle part, you will continue braiding like normal without adding hair.

7. Once you absolutely can't braid that hair anymore, you can tie it off with a small elastic band or with a bobby pin.

8. Repeat the same braid on the other side and secure it at the end.

9. Wrap each braid around your head and pin the ends into the braid on the other side. Hide your pins and the ends of your hair by tucking them under the other braid. It might help to add some hairspray to the spot where you will pin the ends into to make sure the pins and braid stay in place.

photographer: Valerie Dray
graphics designed by Becca Clason


Lost In Cheeseland said...

Gorgeous, Rubi! And looks simple enough for me to do at home.

ale norris said...

oh, this looks great (especially with the ombre!). i have some semi-short layers in my hair, so it might not work as well, but i'm definitely still attempting it.

Brooklyn said...

looks amazing! now i just need to let me hair grow out a bit more!

Marci Joy said...

You look gorgeous. And your hair is getting soooo long!

communikate. said...

So pretty, Rubi!! And now I'm totally regretting cutting my bangs.. (sigh!)

Clio said...

Ooh beautiful, I'm definitely going to give it a go this weekend, pretty plaits are much nicer than dirty festival hair!

Brittany Watson said...

Rubi, you're rocking it lately. nice.

V said...

Rubi, i'm totally envious of your hair color and texture! Still, I'm going to try this style this weekend!

Meg G. said...

Yea your hair makes me want my bangs to grow out oh so fast. I love how simple this is and the look is classic. WONDERFUL PHOTOS, Valerie!

AdventuresInWonderland said...

Gorgeous! I'm loving all of these pretty, yet and easy to follow, tutorials! Can't wait to try this one!

-Annie <3

Adventures In Wonderland

tiger in a jar said...

Dying over these pictures - they are stunning!

Tiffany said...

Feeling pretty inspired by this. And yes, Valerie's pictures are amazing.

Little Miss Pipedream said...

xx Zoe

Alilou said...

Hey ! I just arrived on your blog thanks to an article from the Glamour french magazine ! What you do is amazing :) Did you do your ombré by your one ? It's the perfect natural ombré i'm searching for !

(By the way, excuse me for my english, i'm french..)


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