Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cut it like Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is one of my go-to references for short hair. Her pixie in this editorial for Interview Magazine is one of my favorites (be sure to see the rest of the images).

Pixies work on almost all hair types but this specific haircut is best on straight or wavy hair. A classic pixie is the same length all around your head but this version has a bang section that's slightly longer than the rest. Be careful not to cut the bang section too long in comparison to the rest of your hair though. That could look a little 90's, which may also look good but it's not this haircut. This pixie would lay best if the overall length is between 1- 2.5 inches long, anything longer is still cute but again, it's a different look, similar to this previous post.

Yes for short hair!

graphics designed by Becca Clason for She Lets Her Hair Down


Sunny said...

I am going to take this whole blog post with me when I get my haircut. I love Michelle Williams's hair as well. Thanks Rubi!

Unknown said...
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Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

She does have amazing hair and an amazing look in general. I cut my hair pretty short last year and loved it but it just takes soooo long to grow back!


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