Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Can we talk about bad haircuts? In Spanish there is a verb for a bad hair cut which is trasquilar. You say the hairdresser trasquilo your hair or that you trasquillaste your own hair. It's more like the equivalence of getting a hack job, word reference calls it a hair massacre. Sometimes bad haircuts are cute - especially on kids like on Patti Smith in these photos. Those curls, deep side part and baby bangs are all sorts of amazing. Usually they're funny though, even if it takes a year or two to be funny.

So for a good laugh, I'm going to start posting photos of hairstyles gone wrong, all in good fun of course. Like the time you cut baby bangs, a rat tail and bright red hair, oh wait, was that just me in beauty school? Well, next time, you'll see one of mine and I'd love to share some of your awesome 80's perms. I promise it'll be entertaining.

*Updated - If you have any haircuts or styles you want to share for a good laugh then post them on the She Lets Her Hair Down facebook page and use the caption "trasquilada". I'd love to see them.

image via Amber Henrie

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