Friday, October 26, 2012

Tutorial :: Be a boy for Halloween

I love Halloween and usually come up with my costume pretty far in advance, but don't prepare for it until the day before. I like costumes that aren't too pop-culture-y, I don't go the sexy route or the scary route, and I don't want to have to explain what I am all day and night. And I usually do something home made. If you fall under any of those categories then this tutorial is for you. It's quick and easy and you can most likely put it together with what you already have at home.

How to be a boy for Halloween!

Here's what you need for your hair:
- mousse
- tail comb
- hair tie
- a few hair pins

Here's what you need for your costume:
- men's shirt
- tie
- jeans
- androgynous shoes
- no makeup

1. Create a deeeeeep side part. Make it nice and clean by using the end of your tail comb.
2. Create another part that connects to your deep side part. Start it at your hairline right above your eyebrow and finish it at the end of your deep side part. This will create a triangle section, then pin the triangle section away.
3. Put the rest of your hair in a tight and low ponytail.
4. Apply a lot of mousse to the triangle section of hair that you pinned away. Apply it in your hair from roots through ends.
5. Place the moussed-up triangle section of hair going back and towards your ponytail. It should have enough product in it that it can be molded easily into the masculine hairstyle you want.
6. I made mine go up, slightly to the side and back. In order for your hair to look more masculine, try to create a shape that is relatively square.
7. Once the shape of your hairstyle is how you'd like it, pin it into place with hair pins.
8. When it feels secure, take the loose ends and wrap them around your ponytail to hide the elastic.
9. The last step is hiding your ponytail and guess what? Chances are that if you borrowed your boyfriend's collared shirt like I did, the neck is probably kind of big on you. So, tuck your ponytail into the back of your shirt and boo! You're ready for Halloween!

photographer Valerie Dray


jo said...

You make one hot boy...I'd date you ;)

Becca said...

oh my gosh, i love it. all of my costumes inadvertently end up being male characters anyway.

The House That Lars Built said...

ha ha ha! Oh man, I love it.

Amanda Jane Jones said...

you are so cute. :)

Nadia said...

Didn't know it was you until I came to the page!


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