Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tutorial :: Sew Your Hair

Sewing hair to hold it in place is one of my favorite things to do with hair. Instead of using bobby pins or clips to pin your hair, you sew your hair into place with a needle and thread. You can do this if you know how to sew, and if you don't, just learn! You sometimes see more extreme versions of this on the runway, but this is a more "ready-to-wear" style that I think could be worn everyday.

I love short hair and have been wanting to do a sewing hair tutorial for a while - I'm so glad Becca from The Daily Muse agreed to be my model and learn how to do this fun style. And of course a big thank you to the wonderful Alpha Smoot for photographing. She's amazing!

Here's what you need:
- tailcomb
- scissors
- needle & thread
- bobby pin (optional)

1. Use your tail comb to create a low, deep side part.

2. Backcomb all of the hair on the smaller side that isn't swooping over your face from roots to ends while leaving out a narrow section that will lay over the backcombing

3. Place the section you left out over all of your backcombing and now you can begin to sew.

4. All of your backcombing has created a texture that will hold the thread in place. I threaded a medium-sized needle with two different-colored threads. Tie off the ends and begin sewing behind your ear. You can pin the ends of the thread in place if you'd like but you shouldn't have to if you backcombed enough.

I recommend starting with a simple pattern until you get the hang of it. I created a burst pattern, which you can see steps for bellow.

photographer: Alpha Smoot
graphics designed by Becca Clason for She Lets Her Hair Down


thelonelywifeproject said...

I wouldn't dare attempt on my own, but gorgeous nonetheless. So is the model!

Jesi Langdale-Anderson said...

This is amazing. I am headed to the corner store for a sewing kit now! Oh, and one of those combs ;)

Rachel said...

Love Alpha's photos. It's so fun that you two work together.

Juliann W said...

This is genius. So many possibilities.

The House That Lars Built said...

ummm, are you kidding me? genius Rubi.


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