Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Four days & one curling iron set

Many of you know that I usually spend less than 5 minutes on my own hair most of the time. This year for Halloween, my friends and I dressed up in Day of The Dead costumes for Candelaria's Dia De Los Muertos party hosted by The House That Jack Built. For me a Day of the Dead costume calls for spending a little extra time on your hair. So I set my hair in curls with a curling iron, and styled them for the night.

The next morning, my hair was just as curly as the day before. I had brushed it, styled it and slept on it but the curls remained. I don't have a photo of day 2 but it didn't differ much from day 3 which is pictured above.

By day 4, my curls were a little more inconsistent, so I brushed them out really well with my Mason Pearson and they turned into loose waves. I probably could have gone another day and sported what would probably look like a slightly wavy blow out but it had been about a week since I hadn't washed my hair so maybe next time.

Now, below are reasons why my curling iron set lasted so long and how you can have yours last at least a couple of days too (or maybe even longer?):
1. My hair was dirty before I curled it (probably 2-3 days old).
2. My hair is colored. Colored hair makes for hairstyles that last.
3. I sprayed each section with hairspray before curling it.
4. I pinned each curl on my head and let it cool before taking it down.
5. I sprayed my entire set with hairspray again while it cooled.
6. I can't leave out the fact that my hair is naturally curly, which led to it holding a curl throughout day number 4. Days 1, 2 and even 3 can definitely still work for people with straight hair.

graphics designed by Becca Clason for She Lets Her Hair Down 


Ella said...

Lovely photos. Do you have italian greyhound? Am I right?

Ella said...

Sorry for the second comment: I have long, heavy, straight hair and my curls don´t stay even for one afternoon. :(

Unknown said...

How do you keep your curls from getting crazy overnight? I always end up with gigantic bedhead.

rubi said...

I do have an Italian Greyhound and try these tips to make your curls stay longer!

I pat them a little here and there in the morning. You should try wrapping a silk scarf around it.

Annis said...

On a non-hair related comment: where did you get that awesome jacket in the last photo?

rubi said...


My jacket is from All Saints. :)

Tiffany said...



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