Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Prep your hair for your color appoinmtent

It's no secret that bleach and hair dye damage your hair. It's inevitable because of the science behind opening up your hair strands and depositing color or taking it away. Some hair dyes,  bleaches, and colorists are more gentle than others though. There are also a few things you can do at home prior to your hair appointment to minimize the damage and ensure that your hair is in tip-top shape for accepting the dyes.

You want to have clean hair before coloring it. Yes! It's a huge myth to have dirty hair for your color appointment. Not only is it a myth but it's kind of gross. I've seen some people walk into color appointments looking like wet rats because of how greasy their hair is. I know I don't wash my own hair often but I also don't expect anyone to touch it when it's that dirty either.

Wash your hair before your appointment with a gentle shampoo. It's like starting with a blank canvas before painting. If your hair is dirty and covered in pollutants, the dye will have to break through that before getting a chance to properly go in your hair. Don't scrub your scalp too hard though - you don't want to have any irritation before applying chemicals on it.

After shampooing, deep condition your hair from roots to ends to strengthen and moisturize. It will again provide a clean, EVEN canvas that will be suitable for coloring. Leave it in for a few minutes if your hair feels weak or damaged.

A good trick to add another layer of protection to already-weakened hair is applying oil to your ends right before your appointment. Argan oil is perfect because it is quickly absorbed into the hair so it won't be greasy. 

1. Bumble and bumble gentle 
2. Moroccan oil restorative hair mask
3. Je Veux argan oil

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rebecca said...

thanks for the lesson. much needed! :)

lidia said...

this is perfect! I am planning to bleach my hair soon, and this is exactly what my hair needs!

any tips on preventing hair loss after a pregnancy?

rubi said...


keep taking your pre-natal vitamins.

lidia said...

thank you, that's something i haven,t been doing!

sswebhome said...

Hope this will help visitors those are interested to colour their hair. thanks for details information & procedure.

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