Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tutorial :: Braided ponytail for elleadore.com

Want to practice your French?

I'm so happy to show you a video hair tutorial that I created with elleadore.com, an adorable French website for women. One of the best parts of the tutorial is that you can understand how to do the hairstyle in any language!

Click below for:
- Exclusive video tutorial for a braided high pony (and a peek into my apartment/hair studio in Paris)
- Some of the things that I love, including a photo of me in a side ponytail circa 1990.
- An interview where I talk about how my career began and how I dream of working for Lula magazine.
- Some of my favorite articles on elleadore.com along with some photobooth fun.

Copyright photo: elleadore.com


Katie Chandler said...

So fun!

Meg G. said...

Amazing! I'm going to try that do tomorrow!

Ste said...

lovely!!! I want to try it but my hair are not long enough I think..

Hillary said...

Your apartment is incredible and I love that hair!

LMT said...

So cute! She is perfect for that do, too. I think you two are long lost sisters, don't you?

Sophie Ren said...

OMG! I think that may have been the best and cutest hairstyling video I've ever seen!!!!!


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