Monday, December 3, 2012

Events in Paris, San Francisco & Salt Lake City

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be cutting and styling hair at three pop-up salons this month in France and the US! I'd love to make your hair look good so come by if you're in Paris, San Francisco or Salt Lake City during the dates below. Also, you might get to meet Cleo if you come ;)

I've been looking forward to the Holiday Market at Wanderlust ever since I signed on to do the hair workshops there this summer. It is going to be amazing. I will be styling hair alongside Kim (Unlock Paris) who will be doing nails in our beauty booth. This will be a hairstyling bar so expect quick buns, braids, curls, and up-dos. No appointment necessary, just show up and Kim and I will get you dolled up for your holiday parties.

Hairstyling bar at Wanderlust Holiday Market
32 quai d’Austerlitz, Paris, FR.
Saturday Dec. 15 14h - 23h
Sunday Dec. 16 11h - 19h
Entry: 5€ adults, 3€ students, children free
Hairstyling bar: 30€
My pop-up salon in San Francisco is going to be at Jordan and Paul Ferney's art studio. They were some of the first people Stanton and I met when we moved to Paris and I can't wait to catch up with them in their city. Come by if you're a Bay resident too, I'd love to meet you!

Ferney Art Studio
766 Valencia #23 San Francisco, CA 94110
Friday Dec. 28 10am - 5:30pm 
Haircuts: 65$
Braids: 30$ 
Email for an appointment: 

My pop-up salon in Salt Lake City is at Koodeker, a clothing boutique that has been on my radar for a while. I'll be taking appointments for haircuts and braids as in San Francisco. It will be a few days into the new year so come and start 2013 with a new 'do. Come shop, get your hair done and hang out with us!

Thursday Jan. 3 11am - 7pm
1037 East 9th South, Salt Lake City, UT 84105
Haircuts: 65$
Braids: 30$
Email for an appointment:

* We're looking for local businesses in these cities that may want to join in on the fun. If you're interested email me at, we'd love to collaborate with you!

image sources: hair party (unknown), paris, san francisco, salt lake
graphics designed by Becca Clason for She Lets Her Hair Down


The House That Lars Built said...

oooo! I love this pop-up shop idea! I'm hoping that the SLC one works out! I'll email you!

rebecca said...

i would if i could! :)

j said...

I am so jealous, are you coming to NYC anytime soon?

Katie Chandler said...

BLAST! I'll be in SLC this week and I was so hoping to scroll down and see that date match :(

jendar said...

I am so excited! I work right next to Koodeker at Mazza, a lebanese restaurant. so come in for some kebabs. I will definitely be coming in for you to braid my hair. I am so excited!

jendar said...

btw, I will be posting this information on my tumblr, instagram and facebook. hope you don't mind. x

Kristen said...

I'm also going to spread the word!

A. Verzello said...

I'll just miss you! Too bad, I would have loved a cut. Great choice of venue. KDK is the best.

Wren said...

Oh how I wish I hadn't just gotten a haircut! You must be sure Kyong Instagrams her amazing braid if she gets one;)!

Next time you're in SLC, (or I'm in Paris *le sigh*) I'm there for a cut!


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