Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If you read this blog, then you'll like this gift guide

Chances are that if you're reading this blog then you may also be a liiiiittle into hair and I would call you a hair lover. So, go ahead and email this link over to Santa, print the photo on this post and tape it to your refrigerator. Be sure to circle what you want with a red pen so Santa really sees it though. (Remember doing that as a kid?)

1. You can rub one of these Kevin Murphy Color Bugs on your hair and temporarily paint it pink, purple or orange. It even works on dark hair. Avoid flaking by spraying hairspray on it when you're done. Perfect for anyone who's afraid of commitment.
2. I love carbon tail combs. The metal tip on this one is perfect for creating a perfect deep side part and the teeth on it have just the right spacing between them for backcombing. It's pretty hard to melt or break one of these bad boys too.
3. Gold and silver bobbi pins. Stocking stuffer!
4. This one is my favorite. I've wanted one of these portable hair dryers for years. You place the bonnet around your head and can set your rag curls at home in minutes.
5. Tim Walker is one of the creative driving forces in fashion photography right now. A lover of beauty would surely appreciate this book.


The House That Lars Built said...

i got the book for Christmas. Swoon. nice choice!

Cassie Francia said...

Well I guess I'm a hair lover! I want number 4 on the list, and I'm willing to wait 'til Christmas to get it... probably because I can't do anything to my hair right now because I haven't treated it with Moroccan oil yet. So, maybe Kevin Murphy color bugs for now...

- Cassie

Gwyn Stiles said...

Since I'm kind of vain when it comes to my hair, then I guess I need these too. Like what they say, hair is the crowning glory, so one should take care of it.

-Gwyn Stiles


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