Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tutorial :: Stars Chignon

I will be sharing a few of the hairstyles I did last weekend at the Wanderlust Joyeux Market. All of the styles I do at pop-up salons are aimed to be done in 15 minutes or less, which means you should expect to see more quick and easy tutorials on the blog. I did this one on my friend Lauren Coopper - she was headed to two holiday parties that night so we added some of the star bobbi pins I made for the event. This chignon looks best when there are a few flyaways here and there so don't worry about blow drying your hair prior to putting it up or prepping it with too much product either.

Here's what you need:
- Strong bobbi pins
- Hairspray
- Star bobbi pins (optional)

1. Loosely gather your hair going away from your face as if to create a low ponytail. Instead of putting your hair in a ponytail though, you're going to pin a line of bobbi pins at the back of your head where your low ponytail would have been.
2. Grab the ends of your "ponytail" and roll them up until you reach the pins.
3. Hold the roll in place with one hand and add bobbi pins starting at one end of the roll and working your way over to the other end. It helps to put one on the inside of the roll.
4. Once it feels secure, lightly hair spray it into place and add some star bobbi pins at the top of the chignon. Here's the quick DIY on how to make these star bobbi pins.
p.s. do you like my nails? Kim did them.
 photographer David McDonald for She Lets Her Hair Down


Yelle said...

So cute! Seems easy enough and the stars re a beautiful touch!

sharon said...

the star pins remind me of rodarte's spring collection from a year or two ago. i can't wait to try it out now (:

Romy A said...

Thanks for this. Really, really dig your blog.

Meg G. said...

Very cute!!!

svart einfalt said...

I really like it !

Celeste said...

When will the DIY for the star pins be posted?


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