Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gold Star Bobbi Pin DIY

I made these gold star bobbi pins back in December for my Holiday pop-up salon in Paris. They were super easy to make and inexpensive too! Plus, like someone mentioned in an earlier post, they look similar to the beautiful hair pieces the models wore in Rodarte's Fall 2012 runway show.

Here's what you need:
-gold bobbi pins
- stars
- crazy glue

I found these stars at the French equivalent of a 99 cent store, I'm sure you can find similar ones at a craft store or 99 cent store near you as well.

1. Apply a small amount of crazy glue on the flat edge of a bobbi pin and quickly put a star over the glue. I added two stars to some pins so they'd cluster nicely in an up-do.
2. Hold the star in place with your finger until it's secure and you're done!

The star packs come with quite a few stars so get your friends together and have a star pin hair party. They'd also make great gifts as well.

Here's the hair tutorial for the photo above.

 top photo by David McDonald for She Lets Her Hair Down


Erin said...

This is a craft I definitely need to do

Celeste said...

Hurray, I have been waiting for this since the chignon tutorial!

tiger in a jar said...

Making these!

Mostly Lisa said...

Great D.I.Y.! Definitely going to try. :D

Mostly Lisa

Natasha zedan said...

What is the name of the store? I just moved to paris and have been looking for a 99cent style store

rubi said...


It's called Carnaval des affaires. :)

Natasha zedan said...

Thanks so much! I just discovered your blog but I can't stop reading! All your work is lovely :)


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