Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair that's out of this world

Women in space are awesome being busy doing awesome things. I am not trying to downplay the fact that they are ridiculously smart, brave, and inspiring by writing a blog post about their hair, but guys...look at their hair!

Imagine being in space and having zero gravity hair. I love that they don't put their hair in ponytails, they just let it be. Do you think they wash their hair in space? Dry shampoo? Do they even need to wash it? It doesn't look oily. Do you think it takes a few days for it to lay down normally when they get back to earth? Do you find it all as fascinating as I do?

If you want to learn more about space, you should watch the videos I took these screen grabs from. 


Katie :) said...

haha! that's s funny! i watched one of those videos before -- it's really interesting! good questions. it doesn't look oily at all!

leah ruth said...

pretty wild! i guess you don't need to wear a bra in space either, right?

jordan said...

the best part of this post was your first paragraph.


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