Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Only 2 Inches...

Almost everyone has a story of going to the hairstylist, asking for 1 inch cut off their hair and leaving with a haircut that ended up shorter than they imagined. That is usually followed by a lifetime of avoiding hairstylists and haircuts all together.

Here's how that happens. Find a friend and ask them to show you with their fingers how much one inch is. Chances are that your one inch will differ from theirs. Sometimes by a lot. Hairstylists hardly take out rulers to measure an exact inch to take off your hair, and even if they did, a clients version of 1 inch is usually closer to 1 centimeter. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, hairstylists are known for being a little scissor happy.

In order to make sure my client and I are always on the same page as to how much they want to cut, I never ask them how much they want cut off. Instead, I show them their hair in the mirror and ask them to show me where they would like the length to reach after the cut. Sometimes, they'll say one thing and then when they start to visualize it in the mirror they end up changing their mind. Use the mirror instead of measurements (unless you're donating).

image: Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, 1952


Sarah Kyle said...

great tip. I'm one of those people that ends up with way shorter hair than I expected.

April said...

This is so true! That's why I'm so picky with who I let cut my hair! My stylist is Korean, and he is so precise! Thank goodness my haircut horror stories have come to an end.


deep deep said...

Love this and all of your tips for getting a good hair cut, Rubi! It's amazing how simple things like this are not well-understood and totally affect the outcome of the cut! Going to the hair salon is always a super stressful and intimidating experience for me where I often end up dissatisfied, and recently I realized that it is a communication breakdown.

I'm unfamiliar with how to describe women's haircuts to a hair stylist -- reading through your helpful and specific descriptions, however, things like "long layers to break up the bottom" "heavy bangs that slightly round out on the edges", along with good graphics and photos of really awesome haircuts (i.e. not the wishy washy stuff you find googling "how to describe a haircut") totally blew my mind! Like, this is how I communicate to the stylist! Can you make a coffee table book pls? Like, CHAPTER 1: This Is What A Blunt Haircut Looks Like, CHAPTER 3: DESCRIBING BANGS. And sell it to every hair salon ever? Maybe with a ruler on the front : P

I will definitely be cobbling together what I want from those descriptions, and hopefully my next haircut is more successful. Women's magazines and crummy blogs are so unhelpful in this area -- we need explicit descriptions for awesome, current hair cuts that stylists can follow! Are there any good resources that you know of? Thank you so much again for producing this content!

Cheers : )


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